Healthy choices

Who we are is a theme were the students inquire into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.

Our theme title : Healthy choices

Central idea: Individual’s choices impact the well being.

Key concepts: Causation , Reflection, Responsibility 

Lines of inquiry: 

  1. The process of decision making (Causation) (Reflection )
  2. The effect of our choices on our health ( causation)
  3. How they reflect on their personal

Inquiry Themes

The Primary years program (PYP) in the IB system have 6 transdiciplinary themes; these themes promotes an awareness of the human condition and an understanding that there is a commonality of the human experience.

“The students explore this common ground collaboratively, from the multiple perspectives of their individual experiences and backgrounds. This sharing of experience increases the students’ awareness of, and sensitivity to, the experiences of others beyond the local or national community. It is central to the programme and a critical element in developing an international perspective, which must begin with each student’s ability to consider and reflect upon the point of view of someone else in the same class.” (Making the PYP happen ).



Theme / Unit

I chose to build by learning environment around the areas I facilitate in learning like language arts, math , and inquiry integration.

also added parts like Resources that could help teachers/parents.

and books which I find that are really beneficial for teachers/interested parents.

also a students parts where they could find it easy to get their games,pictures and other materials.

E-learning platform

I will choose my platform to be a blog as i think it is more friendly and not a formal way of communication as i am sharing my perspectives and opinions in how i do things.

it is basically like a sort of a reflection platform with me and others.


My target audience is mainly for teachers and parents.but there will be a part that can be for students use.

I am planning to target more than one multiple intelligence audience, for linguistic as it is mostly written posts but also visual for videos that will be accompanied with theses posts.also intrapersonal as some of the posts will  be reflective posts or “diary” posts.

It is really easy to access and post comments for a beginner use of technology.

It will be for grade one/PYP 4 teachers and parents. who can check the ideas and updates for language arts, math, inquiry for my class.